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September 2

September 6
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Course Review (outline distributed)

Introduction to History 9

Introduction to "The First Occupants", Cycle 1 Review
Please refer to "Course Outline" on front page

In-Class Distribution, Reading and Writing Assignment, Cycle 1 Review
September 8 (grade 9 assembly), missed most of class) & September 13th
Aboriginal Communities in Quebec today:

i. historical impact on aboriginal issues today

ii. Map of Aboriginal (First Nation & Inuit) Communities in Quebec

Important: Below is a map of the Eastern subarctic!
Eastern Subarctic


"Life on the Reserve", A Short Documentary
by Graham Shonfield:

Map or First Nation & Inuit Communities in Quebec:

Questions on Map:

September 14th- 16th
Arrival of First Occupants to North America:

1. Arrival in Quebec

2. their Conception of the World (Native Spirituality)
Powerpoint Presentation:

* Error on powerpoint corrected in in-class notes:
3 Linguistic families in Quebec: Iroquoian, Algonquian & Eskimo- Aleut
The Eskimo-Aleut family speaks Inuktituk.

September 19th- October 7th:
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another class due to fire
The First Occupants of Quebec:

1. their Means of Subsistence (September 19th- 22nd)

2. Political and Social Organization (September 23rd- 27th)

3. First encounters with French settler (September 28th- October 7th)

4. Timeline, Take-home, Practice Assignment: October 5th-7th

5. Final Test: Thursday, October 13th

6. Final Quiz: Monday, October 17th*
Powerpoint Presentation & Notes: (homework assignment approximate weighting:

Mini Pop Quiz on Map of Trade:

"Boy Among Polar Bears" BBC Documentary, Questions (if time permits):

The First Contact with Europeans in the 16th Century: (homework assignment approximate weighting: 1%)

Take-Home Assignment on First Encounters with Europeans in 16th Century:

Timeline on First Occupants:

Practice Assignment for Final Test (it will be graded and count the same amount as a final test): OCTOBER 7TH

Addendum to Chapter:

In-Class Final Test: OCTOBER 13th

In-Class Final Quiz & Timeline: OCTOBER 17th

*weightings are approximate & subject to change
October 17th- January 16th
1. The Colonization of New France in the 17th Century

2. New France in the Early 18th Century

3. Film Viewing, Black Robe

4. War between Great Britain and France
Colonial Society under French Rule

Part 1: The Colonization of New France in early 17th Century

Part 2, Section A: New France 1627- 1701

Part 2, Section B: New France 1627- 1701 continued

Part 2, Section C & D: New France 1627- 1701 continued

Closed-Book Assignment/ In-Class: NOVEMBER 2ND

Part 2, Section E: New France 1627- 1701 continued

Part 3, Section A: New France 1663- 1701

Part 3, Section B: New France 1663- 1701 continued

In-class REVIEW ASSIGNMENT (1% of final mark): DECEMBER 5th SUB REQUIRED

Vocabulary Review Assignment, Chapter 2, Sections 1-3:

Test on Chapter 2, Parts 1- 3: approximately 15% of final mark (in-class)

Part 4: New France in first half of 18th Century

Film Viewing-
The Black Robe:

Part 5: War between France & Great Britain

Part 5, Section 2: War between France & Great Britain continued

Part 5 Mini-Review:

Chapter 1 Review Vocabulary Assignment:

Chapter 2 Review Vocabulary Assignment:

January 11th- 30th
British Conquest

After Capitulation

Review for Midterm (Chapters 1 & 2)
Chapter 3, The British Conquest

Part 1:

Final Test on Chapter 2 - In-Class
Review Assignment (Essay) on Chapters 1 & 2- In-Class

Part 2:

Quiz on Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 3 Activity, Before Slide 13:

Part 4:

Part 5:
Section 1:

Section 2:

March 15th-
May 1st

Chapter 4, The Demands & Struggles of Nationhood

Part 1:

Activity 1: Absolute Monarchy, Liberalism & Republicanism

Activity 2: Characteristics of 2 Populations

Activity 3: Trajectory of a Bill

Activity 4: Parti Canadien vs. British Party

Part 2:

Activity 1: Immigration Trends

Part 3:

Activity 1: War of 1812

Documentary of the War of 1812:

Canada in the War of 1812:

Causes & Consequences of War of 1812:

Rick Mercer & War of 1812:

College Humour:

Part 4:

Part 5: